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Thoughts on Rose - Essay

Posted by coochiepuncher - October 19th, 2021

Recently, I've been really thinking about the type of character I want her to be, what aesthetic fits her, what she looks like, etc... I take inspiration from a cluster of modern and old things. Barbie, Scooby-Doo, Steven Universe, Team Fortress 2 (duh), Lupin III, Adventure Time, and even Breath of the Wild! This post's goal is to properly describe what I want for her and where the inspirations come from. I feel like I can shape her into what I want her to be if I break down what inspires me.

Firstly, a HUGE inspiration for her is cartoons & pinups from the 60s-70s? Archie, Kathy Keene, Scooby-Doo, etc... Honestly, Rose is kind of a weird mash-up of Freddy, Velma, & Daphny? Aesthetic-wise, I really enjoy the art style and fashion from that era! I think it really suits her. I also really enjoy the different types of characters and how they were shown. The lover-boy, the girl next door, the dork, the jock, and so on and so on. The characters at this time were simple, but not in a bad way, they still had depth. Not to mention that the whole era of art has a vintage and fun feeling that I want to capture in my work.

Steven Universe has a very interesting art style. Now, all of us know that style is insanely inconsistent, but now I'm mainly interested in how bodies and hair were drawn. They managed to nail a lot of body types in a simple cartoon style, which I really enjoy for reference. The way they drew hair was simple but effective. I don't believe there were tons of different styles, but the floofy and simple style is very cute to me! I really enjoy the simplicity and use of round shapes, it's very pleasing. I personally think it's a great style because it's fine on its own, but simple enough to build on. A character that has really inspired Rose's character is... Rose Quartz. I want a pink, soft-spoken, healer with fluffy hair and round pink lips who has a mysterious background.

Team Fortress 2 has a few different styles. Firstly, we have the game, specifically the 3D models. They're iconic. The highly stylized proportions make each character unique and recognizable. Basically, what they do is take details and exaggerate them, but in a way that still feels "real". Then, we have the comics. The comics have had many different artists work on it, but overall the style stays mostly the same. It's a bit more on the realistic side but still has the stylization from the game. Art-wise, the colors, shading, and line-art are simple but it works. It's kind of a modernized version of that classic comic style I mentioned before. I prefer the comic style over the game style.

If I were to write a whole paragraph for every example I listed we would be here forever. So, the rest will be listed in points, just so y'all get a general idea of where I am coming from!


  • Blonde
  • Do it all
  • Fashion lover
  • Pink

Lupin III & The Yakuza Games:

  • Similar time periods, great for reference!!!
  • All have a good mix of goofy and serious

Adventure Time:

  • Princess Bubble Gum
  • Minerva (Finn's Mom)
  • There's a theory that the mushroom bomb went off in the 80s... That means Rose would have been alive... which means I can technically fit her into this universe...
  • Lots of references, lots of fun outfits, tons of great characters. It's so much that I honestly can't pinpoint it all!

Breath of the Wild:

  • Zelda. I love her voice, it's so posh... so soft. I want Rose to have a voice similar but... Rose is not British!!

Misc Characters that Inspire Rose:

  • Kirby (small, pink, round, baby)
  • Blue Diamond (pretty, soft-spoken, voice inspo)
  • Stevenonie (doesn't know what they're doing, confused, just a kid, goofy)
  • Princess Peach (blonde, pink, girly-girl, kinda ditzy)
  • Sailor Moon (kinda ditzy, emotional, trying her best)


Thank You!




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