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Posted by coochiepuncher - 5 days ago

I'm sure only a few of y'all saw the drawing of my newest OC, Marionnette. I've deleted it because I finished that last night in a flu-induced haze. I don't remember much from the drawing process except that my head was pounding, I was nauseous, and that I was freezing. Needless to say, I'm not satisfied with it. Lol.

((Edit: NVM I don't have the energy to redraw it lol, it's back up))

I'm also working on a new OC, named Victoria. She's a Frankenstein's Monster-type character. I'm not sure what you'd call that type of character. She was made by Rose! Instead of Frankenstein's Monster, Victoria is Rose's Creation. The Eve of her labors! Rose is much nicer to Victoria than Dr. Frankenstein was to Victor.



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Posted by coochiepuncher - 6 days ago

By @/purelygross on Twitter


Blank version



Posted by coochiepuncher - 10 days ago

@jimmybiscuit ‘s reaction to Hans II makes me giggle


(“They” is referring to Rose & Hans lol)


Posted by coochiepuncher - 13 days ago

For reference uses!


Made with comparing heights, a height chart by parallaxabomination, and put all together on Clip Studio!


Posted by coochiepuncher - 2 weeks ago

Just like before I posted "Thoughts on Rose", I've spent some time thinking about how I want to shape Apollo as a character. Also like Rose, I take inspiration from a variety of things. She-Ra, DnD, Steven Universe, BOTW, etc... To figure out how what I want to shape her into, I'm going to break down her inspirations.

Firstly, a huge inspiration for her is fantasy stories and elves in general. I LOVE world-building and character design. Fantasy is super fun because you can do just about anything. Things could be set in reality or not, it's up to the story maker. I don't particularly have any specific fantasy media I prefer. I get ideas from books, DnD lore, Magic the Gathering, and other stuff. I don't know much about the game aspects of DnD and Magic, in fact, I don't even play them. However, I enjoy the lore, character designs, magic aspects, and official art, which is why I own the player's guidebook and a deck of cards. Lol... Fantasy ideas are especially fun because I can really let my imagination go nuts, there are no rules!

The 2020 She-Ra is a big inspiration outfit-wise. I actually made Apollo before the series came out and before I heard about the She-Ra series in general, so when I saw it for the first time I was so excited because it was exactly the aesthetic I had been trying to achieve for her. I love Mara and Adora's She-Ra forms I love the white and gold, I love how they can look like heroes in a beautiful way that isn't stereotypically sexy. I personally feel they look very powerful and that's what I want for Apollo.

Mara is an inspiration character-wise. She's a hero who discovers she's on the wrong side and rebels to save the planet the series is on. She ends up sacrificing herself for this cause. Rose Quartz from Steven Universe is an inspiration character-wise. Where Rose takes from Pink Diamond, Apollo takes from Rose Quartz. I like how Rose Q is a healer, leader, and fighting for a good cause while having secrets. I'm really into the martyr character type. The hero who gives up their life to save people. I think it's very noble and heartbreaking. It hurts to see characters who worked so hard to do the right thing just die. I think the part that fucks me up is they choose to, they chose to do this to save everyone else. Their last act of selflessness... Does this mean Apollo will die? I'm not sure yet, but she would sacrifice herself if needed.

Now, A LOT of her aesthetic and lore is inspired directly by Greek Mythology & history. I've been into it since I was 11 and I'm always captivated by the stories of the gods and heroes, the art, and the lessons. Apollo is my own little hero, that is my goal. In this section, I will try to pinpoint specific myths that inspired her.


  • "The Best of the Greeks", half-human son of Thetis, trained by Chiron. Probably the most recognizable Greek hero. His tail is tragic, as all of these stories tend to be. He was destined to be the best warrior of the Trojan War, despite his attempts to avoid it. He was also destined to die and was aware of it very early on.
  • Refused to fight the whole time he was in Troy because he knew if he killed Hector (his Trojan equal, "The Best of Trojans"). However, towards the end of the war, Hector killed his lover/best friend Patroclus which sent our hero into a rage. He kills Hector and dies soon after. He and Patroclus' ashes were mixed.

Apollo & Helios

  • This one is a bit obvious. Apollo is the god of the sun, and Helios was the Titan of the sun before the war. Depending on who wrote the myth, either or of them controls the sun by a chariot. By the 5th century, Apollo became equated with Helios, but Helios is/was a different guy.
  • Apollo is also the god of music, healing & sicknesses, prophecy, archery, and poetry. He's known as Phoebus, "The Bright One", Hiator "Healer", and Daphnephoros "Laurel-Bearer". He has many more names, just like other gods, but these are the ones that describe what I take inspiration from.
  • He was represented as being youthful (unbearded) and athletic. Which is how I chose to depict my Apollo.

Ancient Greek Fashion

  • I really enjoy Hellenistic fashion, I personally think it's absolutely iconic. One might think it's simple, but if you look into it, it's really not. They had so many types of ways to tie your toga, so many types of jewelry, so many hairstyles, so many outfits.
  • I also take inspiration from how European artists have interpreted these clothes. They aren't always historically accruate and tend to be Latinized... but they do give my imagination more to work with. Examples of paintings like this are Winding the Skien, Homer and his Guide, and Greek Women Imploring at the Virgin of Assistance.
  • I will say, because of the overlap in culture with Rome, I do find Roman aesthetics and fashion that fit into what I want. It's hard to separate them, especially since the Romans took over Greece at the end of the Hellenistic period. It's not unrealistic to assume they were inspired and influenced by each other.

I don't think some of y'all will like this, but I'm also inspired by religious imagery. I see Christian lore in the same way I see Greek Mythology so I try to find the lessons the writer was trying to convey rather than take it at face value. I'm not saying that's the right way to interpret it, but that is how I do. I also really like Christan imagery. The clouds, the lights, the angles, the doves, etc... I like the idea of a world with only "good", I think it's fun to imagine. I'm equally the same with the concept of a world with only "evil", but that doesn't fit here.

Basically, I want Apollo to be this god-like mortal who's a healer, leader, and hero. A powerful person who continues and continues to go against the odds, who is selfless, holy, and noble, someone who always does the right thing. Like Link! No matter what situation he's thrown in, he naturally assumes the role of the hero. A great example of this is in BOTW. He has no memory yet still chooses to save the world. :').... Love that game...

Misc Characters that Inspire Apollo:

  • Minerva (Adventure Time)


Thank You!



Posted by coochiepuncher - 1 month ago


Warning: This will be a LONG ass post with lots of needless information! Also, this will be updated and changed whenever I feel I need to... which will be often :')

Apollo's Inspiration

Reference Sheet

Basic Infomation

Name: Apollonia

Nickname: Apollo

Age: 150

Height: 4"5

Weight: 100lbs

Species: Elf

Hair: Blonde

Skin: Light Olive

Eyes: Pale Green

Body Type: Slim, Athletic

Scars/Marks: None

Language(s): English, Greek, & Elvish

Class: Cleric, Light Domain

Religion: Worshiper of Lathander

Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: Lesbian

Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert

Likes: Plants, Crystals, Astronomy, The Sun, & Organization

Dislikes: Extreme Cold, Surprises, Alcohol, Cemeteries, & Hunting

Companion(s): White Goose named Gwen


Romantic Interests: Aroura

Positive Traits: Heroic, Generous, Optimistic, Sincere, & Kind

Negative Traits: Hero Complex, Blind Faith, Graceful in Element, & Martyr without a Cause

Hobbies: Traveling, Foraging,

Fears: Failing

Philosophy: Defeat all Evil, Don't Let Darkness Overcome

Magic Skills: Healing, Burning Hands, Bless, Guardian of Faith, Plague, Scorching Ray, & Fireball

Stats (0-10)

Strength: 5

Stamina: 5

Social Skills: 7

Cooking: 4

Humor: 5

Jealous: 1

Empathy: 10

Passion: 10

Charisma: 5

Creativity: 4

Confidence: 5

Hygiene: 10

Libido: 4

Laziness: 0

Fashion: 3

Patience: 10

Meanness: 1

Misc Infomation:

Place of Birth: Troril

Birthday: February 25

Zodiac: Pisces

Favorite Color: Gold

Voice Claims: Blue Diamond (SU), Angella (She-Ra 2020)





Posted by coochiepuncher - 1 month ago


Warning: This will be a LONG ass post with lots of needless information! Also, this will be updated and changed whenever I feel I need to... which will be often :')

Rose’s Inspiration

Reference Sheet

Basic Infomation

Name: Rosemary

Nickname: Rose

Age: 25

Height: 5"0

Weight: 125lbs

Species: Human

Hair: Blonde

Skin: Fair, Peachy

Eyes: Brown

Body Type: Slim/Average

Scars/Marks: Freckles, Scar Across Bridge Of Nose

Sexuality: Bisexual

Pronouns: She/Her

Language(s): English & Dutch

Class: Nurse, Support

Religion: Non-Practicing Catholic

Nationality: 2nd Gen Dutch-American

Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert

Likes: Flowers, Art, Books, Fashion, Makeup, Sweets, & Nature/Animals

Dislikes: Unclean Areas/Things, Fighting, Loud Noises, &

Companion(s): White Rat named Melody

Friends: Jeramy, Mick, Dell, Misha, Travish, & Pyro

Romantic Interests: Hans & Mick

Coworkers: Ms. Pauling, Jeramy, Jane Doe, Pyro, Travish, Dell, Misha, Hans, Mick, & Spy

Positive Traits: Generous, Loyal, Loving, Peaceful, & Tolerant

Negative Traits: Anxious, Desperately Craves Affection, Horrible Judge of Character, Gossips, & A Pushover

Hobbies: Reading, Painting, Studying Medicine, & Playing With Marshmellow

Fears: Death

Philosophy: Be Kind To Others, No Matter What

Stats (0-10)

Strength: 2

Stamina: 5

Social Skills: 5

Cooking: 6

Humor: 5

Jealous: 4

Empathy: 10

Passion: 9

Charisma: 5

Creativity: 9

Confidence: 4

Hygiene: 10

Libido: 4

Laziness: 1

Fashion: 10

Patience: 9

Meanness: 2

Misc Infomation:

Place of Birth: Virginia, USA

Birthday: March 15, 1945

Zodiac: Pisces

Favorite Color: Pink

Voice Claims: Pink Diamond (SU), Mara (She-Ra 2020)

Songs: Me and My Husband by Mitski, Lovefool by The Cardigans, Bubblegum K.K. from ACNH, Mary on a Cross by Ghost, Rose by The Oh Hellos, Lay All Your Love On Me by ABBA, Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood, Fret Street by Go! Child, & Endlessly by Mystery Skulls

Rose Factoids:

  • Her scar is the result of her face being smashed into a very sharp rock by an enemy Heavy 
  • She and Jeremy are best friends. They stay up all night watching movies and tv shows. They gossip constantly, tell each other everything, and workout together
  • She and Pyro are also best friends. Once a week they have a self-care night. Pyro spends the night in her room and they put on face masks, do makeup, get the calluses off their feet, etc… Rose has seen Pyro without the suit
  • She prefers to pocket Jeremy, Pyro, and Demoman
  • Demo likes to pick her up and sticky jump without a warning. She does not like this game 
  • She’s polyamorous
  • Her father is a CIA spy and her mother is a farmer




Posted by coochiepuncher - 1 month ago

By @Arty_Triangle


blank version



Posted by coochiepuncher - October 19th, 2021

Recently, I've been really thinking about the type of character I want her to be, what aesthetic fits her, what she looks like, etc... I take inspiration from a cluster of modern and old things. Barbie, Scooby-Doo, Steven Universe, Team Fortress 2 (duh), Lupin III, Adventure Time, and even Breath of the Wild! This post's goal is to properly describe what I want for her and where the inspirations come from. I feel like I can shape her into what I want her to be if I break down what inspires me.

Firstly, a HUGE inspiration for her is cartoons & pinups from the 60s-70s? Archie, Kathy Keene, Scooby-Doo, etc... Honestly, Rose is kind of a weird mash-up of Freddy, Velma, & Daphny? Aesthetic-wise, I really enjoy the art style and fashion from that era! I think it really suits her. I also really enjoy the different types of characters and how they were shown. The lover-boy, the girl next door, the dork, the jock, and so on and so on. The characters at this time were simple, but not in a bad way, they still had depth. Not to mention that the whole era of art has a vintage and fun feeling that I want to capture in my work.

Steven Universe has a very interesting art style. Now, all of us know that style is insanely inconsistent, but now I'm mainly interested in how bodies and hair were drawn. They managed to nail a lot of body types in a simple cartoon style, which I really enjoy for reference. The way they drew hair was simple but effective. I don't believe there were tons of different styles, but the floofy and simple style is very cute to me! I really enjoy the simplicity and use of round shapes, it's very pleasing. I personally think it's a great style because it's fine on its own, but simple enough to build on. A character that has really inspired Rose's character is... Rose Quartz. I want a pink, soft-spoken, healer with fluffy hair and round pink lips who has a mysterious background.

Team Fortress 2 has a few different styles. Firstly, we have the game, specifically the 3D models. They're iconic. The highly stylized proportions make each character unique and recognizable. Basically, what they do is take details and exaggerate them, but in a way that still feels "real". Then, we have the comics. The comics have had many different artists work on it, but overall the style stays mostly the same. It's a bit more on the realistic side but still has the stylization from the game. Art-wise, the colors, shading, and line-art are simple but it works. It's kind of a modernized version of that classic comic style I mentioned before. I prefer the comic style over the game style.

If I were to write a whole paragraph for every example I listed we would be here forever. So, the rest will be listed in points, just so y'all get a general idea of where I am coming from!


  • Blonde
  • Do it all
  • Fashion lover
  • Pink

Lupin III & The Yakuza Games:

  • Similar time periods, great for reference!!!
  • All have a good mix of goofy and serious

Adventure Time:

  • Princess Bubble Gum
  • Minerva (Finn's Mom)
  • There's a theory that the mushroom bomb went off in the 80s... That means Rose would have been alive... which means I can technically fit her into this universe...
  • Lots of references, lots of fun outfits, tons of great characters. It's so much that I honestly can't pinpoint it all!

Breath of the Wild:

  • Zelda. I love her voice, it's so posh... so soft. I want Rose to have a voice similar but... Rose is not British!!

Misc Characters that Inspire Rose:

  • Kirby (small, pink, round, baby)
  • Blue Diamond (pretty, soft-spoken, voice inspo)
  • Stevenonie (doesn't know what they're doing, confused, just a kid, goofy)
  • Princess Peach (blonde, pink, girly-girl, kinda ditzy)
  • Sailor Moon (kinda ditzy, emotional, trying her best)


Thank You!